Direct Mail Services

We can design, print and take care of the mailing of your promotion piece!

Bulk Mail Services:

Addressing:               $50 per thousand

Data Import:             $75 per mailing (to transfer data from CD, disk, or emailed list)
This is a one-time fee, if you use the same mailing list again there is
                                            no data import charge on future mailings.

Folding:                    $20/thousand (required for mailing letters in envelopes)

Inserting:                  $40/thousand (required for mailing letters in envelopes)

Sealing:                    $40/thousand (required for mailing letters in envelopes)


Bulk Postage Rates:

4x6 postcards:                .23 cents

Larger postcards and #10 envelopes:

24.8 cents for concentration in same 3-digit ZIP (150 pieces or more)
            26.8 cents for all other pieces


Bulk Mail Prep:            $40 per mailing
Includes all administration fees, delivery of your pieces to the post office





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