Promotional Products

Imagine an advertising medium so powerful, your customers will actually thank you for it.

Imagine keeping this advertisement before their eyes all through the day without annoying them to death.

If youíre like most business people, youíre searching for every way possible to leverage each marketing dollar. Always looking for ways to increase awareness and exposure in very competitive markets, without spending a small fortune on advertising.

Well, just imagine, that your best customers and prospects can see your company logo every morning or every time they start their cars! Imagine a form of advertising thatís disguised as a gift - so your clients actually thank you for reminding them of who you are.

We're talking about the unique benefits of promotional products. We can put your company name on virtually any product - refrigerator magnets, clocks, mugs, key chains, pens , rulers,awards, hats, T-shirts, radios, watches, wine glasses...

And thatís just a few of the approximately 700,000 items that can make a lasting - and favorable - impression on your customers; and create results.

Because, the fact is you can pay a lot for a print ad that will last for a few seconds. Or you can invest in a much more cost-effective advertising medium that is kept by your prospects for repeated exposure. Not just once, but time and time again. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year! Each time the product is used.

Let us show you how to affordably increase awareness this year by integrating promotional products to complement your current marketing program.

Cost Effective!   Promotional Custom Printed Magnets

Business Card Magnets 'Shaped' Magnets Calendar Magnets

Other Promotional Items

Some examples of the THOUSANDS of items to choose from in our on-line catalog:


CD Holders Golf Scorekeepers & Bag tags Hats Coffee Travel Mug Pens Key Chains





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